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About Us

All Things Elephants is an online store offering a variety of products related to elephants! Elephants are a truly remarkable animal in so many ways and one which we and many others feel passionately about. Our collection of products include paintings and photographs of elephants, books about elephants, elephant jewelry, elephant bells, elephant figurines, decorative elephants, elephant gift cards and more. Many of the products found in the store would make ideal gifts and we will be adding new elephant themed products all the time as we discover them.

All Things Elephants supports Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for Asian elephants in Northern Thailand. The founder of the park, Sangduen 'Lek' Chailert, is an award winning conservationist who has been advocating for the rights and welfare of the Asian elephant for decades. There are currently over 80 elephants living at the park, many of whom have been mistreated in the past and have suffered permanent injuries. The park provides an environment for rescued elephants where they are respected and taken care of without having to work, be ridden or perform tricks. Instead the elephants at the park spend their days grazing in the fields, socializing with their friends, bathing in the river, playing in the mud, interacting in family groups and taking care of their young.

If you have any questions about the products available in our store please contact us at info@allthingselephants.com.


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